New To Computer Hardware World?

Computer hardware is not a really good career path to take. Study for the A++ certification as that is essentially what computer hardware/repair is. I would suggest getting a degree in computer science if you can stand the heavy math and science required. Jobs are much more numerous and they pay better. Is the hardware part still itching at you? Guess what? You can learn this stuff for free! 

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Find an old computer and crack it open, its the best way to learn hardware, if you break it big deal as old computer are cheap. While the parts will look different, much of the components are the same in theory. Furthermore, look up computer problems on the internet and try to see if you can solve the problem by researching it on google. The more you do it the better you will get over time.

Most university courses or adult education courses won’t teach you what you need to know…and to be honest there is no easy way to learn it.
We’ve been building and repairing Pc’s for the last 15 or so years…and each and every one I look at is slightly different in fault and cause. The only way to gain the knowledge you’re after is to work for it. Try to find yourself a part time/work experience job in a repair company somewhere….it’s really the only way to get the “hands on” experience that will give you the technical knowledge you need for the job. Try Public schools! They have large IT departments and usually a lot of older hardware that requires cleaning up and fixing. They will be happy to have some help.

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