About Us


It’s Royce here! With Zalman Hardware, the Internets best vendor for Computer Hardware! Zalman hardware is a third party company that helps match customers up with the product that is ideal for them based off their personality. The company was bred simply to assist the client and remove the hassle of spending too long searching for a computer hardware. We noticed the ridiculously high cost that other bozo’s charge customers. We found a niche. Tapped into it. And now we’re killing it! 25 years strong. Before Zalman hardware clients had to endure a long painful process of searching for their new product. We remove that and replace it with it being done for you along with a cheap service! 😀 So with over two decades of strong service we don’t plan on quitting delivering this amazing service into a community that i know would cherish and enjoy having what we offer.  Non of us founders haven looked back and we don’t plan to either. If you have any tips or question about our wonderful service than please contact us via contact form! Thanks and have a good one.


Royce Zalman

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