Hardware Fundamentals

Let’s Cover The Basics

Computers are made of the following fundamental parts.
Motherboard – connects all the other parts together
CPU – processes data to run programs
RAM – main memory of the system used in program execution
Hard Drive – main storage system for the computer
Power Supply – provides power to the various devices on the computer
Video Card – though often times integrated into the CPU or Motherboard, the video card processes video data to display an image on the screen. for gaming or 3d design, users may need to have a dedicated graphics card with improved capabilities.
Optical Drive – CDs, DVDs and BluRays are optical drives. they are removable storage devices.
Case – the chassis that holds all the parts inside. cases often come with fans to keep the system cool. A lot of people wonder; Is college necessary to learn about computer hardware?

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Lastly, for Gaming, many people will say that games don’t use more than 4 core or hyper-threading. this is simply not true. Modern game engines are very advanced and making use of technologies like hyper-threading everywhere. There are still games that don’t support some technologies like this but a core i7 will still outperform a core i5 at gaming. The increase in price might not be worth the increase in performance but if you are looking for the very best, the core i7 is the way to go. This happens because even if a game can’t use hyper-threading, the rest of the system can meaning your other programs that run in the background are now running for more efficiently giving the game more dedicated CPU time which means better performance.